LAPD rescued a child in a stolen vehicle in South L.A.

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The Los Angeles Police Department rescued a small child from the back of a stolen vehicle after a pursuit in South Los Angeles Monday morning. 

The pursuit began in downtown L.A. around 8:30 pm. Police chased the vehicle as it sneaked through residential streets with LAPD in close pursuit. 

The stolen vehicle was a white sedan that traveled at high speeds through busy intersections, trying to evade the police. The police deployed spike strips to disable the vehicle, and after running over several of them, the vehicle’s tires ended up tearing or deflating. 

However, the suspect continues in a slow-speed chase even with damaged tires.

The stolen vehicle eventually stopped near the intersection of Stocker Street and Angeles Vista Boulevard. The driver exited the vehicle and obeyed commands to put their hands in the air and lie face down away from the car. 

Authorities then approached the vehicle’s passenger side to rescue a small child who appeared to be sleeping in a car seat. 

The driver was taken into custody, and the child appeared unharmed and reunited with their mother. 

The incident and pursuit are under investigation by police.

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