Latest stimulus wave is coming your way! And an extra “plus-up” money? Here’s the things that will walk you through

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There had been a total of $395 billion fund shelled out to pay beyond 169 million payments since the third wave of stimulus payments began three months ago. The fourth tranche is still being negotiated in Washington but you can anticipate the arrival of an extra “plus-up” money. Families eligible for these checks, in another month, can also get extra stimulus cash which goes in a separate form of advance monthly payments for the 2021 expanded child tax credit.

Apart from the distribution of $1, 400 payments and tax refunds, which posted some lags, other plus-up payments are also issued by the IRS. Those who did not get the accurate sum of their stimulus check can be covered by supplemental payments. This will apply in such cases if your payment was done by the IRS according to your 2019 tax return but then you are assessed to be qualified for a more huge amount after processing your last year’s tax return.

We are here to help you monitor your third stimulus online if it has not come your way yet. Here, you will know the process in reporting the problem, know how to compute the child tax credit payments you are anticipating, and share to you the venues to be informed if you are eligible, as well as make it clear to you a couple of IRS letters arriving in your inbox.

The IRS is also giving unemployment tax refunds, and this matter has been updated from time to time.

It’s on its way

Payments are being done by the IRS on a daily basis. There is a sum of $1.9 billion for the 900, 000 checks included in this latest tranche that went out to people who just filed their tax return. This permits them to identify if they are qualified for the check. Moreover, the IRS also shelled out $2.5 billion which made up a batch of 1.1 million plus-up payments.

But what exactly are plus-up stimulus payments?

The IRS might have used an outdated tax form instead of your latest tax filing. In this case, if the IRS got your tax return for last year and computed your third payment for another time, you can be eligible for a larger amount according to the data provided in your latest filing.

According to the IRS, plus-up payments are being sent automatically if it wants to pay the fund you are due. However, to be sure of the accuracy, you may be interested in checking the chunk of funds coming from this tranche and then monitor your payment.

Tracking stimulus check via Get My Payment

An update on your payment status can be provided everyday with the IRS Get My Payment online app, which transmits messages if your payment encountered problems. If the issue cannot be addressed, the app informs you of your plus-up grant from the IRS.

The tool can also be used to monitor your stimulus payment through the US Postal Office if your stimulus check is coming to you through mail.

Flaws that might cause stimulus payment trouble

The list we provided below sheds light on what is causing delay that might occur on your stimulus checks, as well as other issues that can come your way.

1. An error in the computation might have surfaced and you are needed to get an adjustment or for the coming of the plus-up payment.

2. You have claimed benefits under SSDI or SSI, or even for veterans.

3. It might be in your mail, but stuck.

4. Your dependents like a new baby in the family may not be covered in the amount you received.

5. It was your 2019 taxes the IRS based upon when they assessed for the third stimulus check thus, you are due for your 2020 AGI or dependents.

6. You are required to file a tax return form last year to claim dependents.

7. It may be stuck in the bank which has also shut down or in a temporary bank account.

8. You transferred residence and the IRS does not have your present mailing address.

9. Private debt collectors might have trimmed your payment.

10. You might have your mailed envelope trashed by accident.

Asking help from IRS for stimulus check problem

What are you going to do as the IRS does not accept calls to receive complaints and queries on stimulus checks?

Here’s a guide to assist you to bring up your problems on stimulus checks.

What to do if you have received a lesser amount than expected?

For the IRS, it is not quite a bother to tell you the amount it computed for your stimulus check. This information cannot be located on its tracking online tool, but the confirmation letter that will arrive through your mail can disclose it.

 What if your computed amount through your stimulus check calculator does not match the actual amount sent to you?

You can start the process by checking again your eligibility to make sure the accuracy of the amount you expect. Keep in mind that plus-up payments are being sent by the IRS automatically and it takes place after the agency gets hold of your tax return last year. If in 2020, another dependent was added under you, an amended tax is not a requirement to get the additional fund.

Claims for missing stimulus amounts can be opened by the agency before the deadline on Dec. 31 to conclude distribution of checks. If you missed this, you still have to wait for a year to get it when you have already submitted your taxes for this year’s taxes in 2022.

Is the fourth payment coming?

There had been mounting complaints regarding repeating stimulus payments, as there are a number of lawmakers who backed additional relief assistance despite the current health crisis.

However, US President Joe Biden has not vowed support for the fourth check and pinning his attention on the American Families Plan and American Jobs Plan instead.

Last June 3, White House press secretary Jen Psaki toned down the fourth stimulus payment possibility. She stressed in a press briefing that the Biden

How about the IRS letter on the third payment?

You might have thought about this and we think you should keep that letter of confirmation regarding your stimulus payment. It also says in there the amount of your money and how the IRS transferred it to you.

The Notice 1444-C placed in the letter serves as your evidence that the agency transmitted money to you in the event that the amount did not reach you, or you got less than expected.

Using the 2020 tax returns to determine your payment

The due for taxes was set May 17. So how will the agency compute the money for your claim?

The IRS will calculate the sum according to the latest tax filing it has assessed when arranging the amount of your check.

Your total will probably be according to your last year’s adjusted gross income instead of your 2019 AGI if your tax return has been processed.

On the other hand, if it was your 2019 taxes the IRS used, you could be eligible for a plus-up money, if also you are owed additional funds according to your 2020 AGI and dependents. You will only need to take it back to the IRS if you were provided more than what you are eligible for.

This year’s check timeline to keep in mind

According to the information from the IRS, the agency and the US Department of Treasury have released the majority of the third stimulus check payments were already out. But the March stimulus law set December 31, 2021 for the federal agencies to distribute the third checks. It provides them the period to have the 2020 tax returns processed and pay claims for the plus-up amounts, as well as for people who have filed for 2020 tax extension.

What if the agency owes you amount for the first couple of stimulus checks

There are weekly plus-up payments as well as the third round of checks. However, it might not be the amount that you are due. You need to get the money missing for the first two checks for your 2020 taxes. In doing so, you might consider knowing the location of your adjusted gross income. It is also suggested for tax non-filers to be motivated on claiming another dependent as well.