Light storms for this week enter Bay Area’s forecast

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The Bay Area is expected to get a series of light storms this week after most parts of the region experienced a stormy December and San Francisco received record downpours, ABC7 News reported.

ABC7 Mornings Meteorologist Drew Tuma said that the rain will pour right away beginning with the Storm Impact Scale’s category Level 1.

“Monday we are tracking some light showers, breezy at times, with the highest amounts found in the North Bay,” Tuma said. “Most of us will find less than a quarter-inch of rain.”

The dispersed storms will emerge throughout the week from then on. Currently, all of the storms were categorized as Level 1.

Hit or miss showers will pop through Tuesday morning, with most of the amounts remaining in the North Bay.

“As we fast forward through the next seven days, the storm track is really aimed at the Pacific Northwest,” Tuma, who uses exclusive Live Doppler 7 weather models, said. “Then as you move across Northern California, those numbers really drop off.”

Here are the following areas and the corresponding amount of rain it can get next week:

-Portland: around 4.89 inches of rain

-Seattle: 3.59 inches

-Redding: 1.66 inches

-Santa Rosa: 0.61 inches

At present, the Accuweather 7-day forecast displays at least four days of measurable rain until the weekend, added to an isolated chance of rain on Tuesday.

“A better bet in the North Bay on Wednesday, we’re totally dry Thursday and for much of the day Friday,” Tuma said.

The next storm can be seen moving in late Friday into Saturday, according to Live Doppler 7.