Living in a van, Michigan product designer journeys to visit national parks across US

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A road trip-lover Jasmine Wilson, 28, never thought that her love for travelling can make her decide to change her lifestyle and live in a van.

Her whole life centered in a renovated van which she uses to travel around the nation since December last year. Wilson aims to visit every National Park across the US in her travels.

In an interview with Fox News from Galveston, Texas, Wilson said she was originally from Battle Creek Michigan and considered the pandemic as the greatest factor to make her move her life into the road.

“I decided to look up [vans] for sale and then I found mine at a dealership and then I just picked it up the next day,” she said. “I was just going to go for it, because this year’s been very unpredictable, so I figured, you know, take advantage of the somewhat freedom we have while we have it.”

She finally purchased the vehicle in the middle of the year last year and made renovations all by herself.

“I didn’t own any power tools before,” Wilson uttered. “I didn’t know how to build anything outside of IKEA furniture.”

But with the help of YouTube video tutorials, she managed to do her renovations and buy some furniture for her to use.

She transformed a van into a place with a full-sized bed; a couple of benches which she also used as a freezer holder and storage for a shower; a gaming space; an electric fan; and cameras installed for security.

“I have everything like a normal house has, I just chose not to, I guess, display it in the same way,” she said. “Because I guess for me, the goal was to get out of the house. So I didn’t want it to exactly look like a house.”

She still continues her work as a remote product designer and generates $300, 000 annually.

Since she started last year, she said she had already visited ten National Parks and intends to go to the East Coast next.

“I haven’t seen a lot of the country, but because [National Parks are] in so many different places, that’s a good way to find something to do in almost every state,” she said.