Los Gatos Party Mom’s Google searches revealed

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Los Gatos “Party Mom” Shannon O’Connor’s Google searches were revealed in new court documents, exposing her motives before, during, and after she allegedly hosted alcohol-fueled sex parties for underage teenagers. 

O’Connor has pleaded not guilty to 39 charges filed by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. 

The alleged victims were male and female Los Gatos High School students, including O’Connor’s teenage sons. 

The DA’s Office is gearing up for O’Connor’s preliminary hearing on November 6. 

Prosecutors have already filed a series of motions to the judge that have new information about their case, including internet searches. 

According to court documents, when O’Connor’s cellphone was seized, her Google searches were traced. Her search entries included, “Good books with young sex,” “hot 16 (year) old teenage girls,” and “prettiest 16 year old girl.”

Her phone also contained videos that had been downloaded from TikTok. 

“The videos show young girls who appear to be underage. They are dressed in revealing clothing. There is no evidence that the girls in these videos were personally known to defendant,” court documents state.

O’Connor, 48, allegedly lured girls to her house where she hosts parties and “facilitated sexual encounters” between boys and girls, “some consensual and some nonconsensual,” prosecutors wrote.

Victims said O’Connor watched as they were sexually assaulted. 

“Evidence admitted at preliminary hearing will show offenses alleged above were committed by defendant as a result of sexual compulsion and for the purpose of sexual gratification,” Deputy District Attorney Rebekah Wise wrote.

O’Conner had an M.O. that she carried out for months, court documents state. According to Wise, O’Conner “helped minors sneak out of their homes in the middle of the night without their parents’ knowledge. She would communicate via Snapchat or text message, pick them up … and drive them to her home. She got the children under her care so drunk that many children would vomit, be unable to stand, and even lose consciousness. She urged them to engage in sexual activity with each other.”

Some of the parties were thrown at O’Connor’s Los Gatos mansion when her husband was not home. Others were organized at Airbnbs in Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz. 

O’Connor was “very opinionated” about girls who were allowed to attend her parties, prosecutors wrote. “She would reject girls as guests by saying they weren’t ‘pretty enough’ or didn’t ‘put out,’” court documents state.

The mother risked the well-being of minors for her own sexual gratification, investigators said.

On December 19, 2020, “John Doe 2” suffered a concussion during a night of drinking with O’Connor and other teenagers inside the Los Gatos mansion. 

At one point, O’Connor drove the teenagers to Los Gatos High School where “John Doe 2 “ was hanging onto the back of O’Connor’s SUV in the high school’s parking lot when he fell and was unconscious for 30 seconds. 

A bystander called 911 and Los Gatos Officers found the SUV. O’Connor convinced them that she had the situation under control and said she would take the teens home. 

“Defendant instructed John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 to lie to their parents about what occurred that night,” Wise wrote.

After the incident, O’Connor’s phone contained Google searches like. “What to do for a concussion in a teenager,” and “cracked skull.”

According to prosecutors, O’Connor’s husband, Robert Amaral, was unaware of his wife’s parties. Amaral reportedly filed for divorce earlier this year. 

In April, victims stood up in the courtroom and told the judge personal stories about how O’Connor affected their lives. 

One girl told the judge, “This woman tore my life apart. I have suffered and had to deal with the reputation of being ‘the girl that got raped.’ I will live my high school years with this cloud over me.”

“Jane Doe 8” said, “Shannon doesn’t have a conscience. She is a con-artist. I will never have the life I once had. And neither should she.”

“Jane Doe 9” told the judge that she had nightmares. The girl said, “She is a manipulator and a narcissist. She continues to show signs of no remorse.”

Once O’Conner realized that Los Gatos police had launched an investigation on her in 2021, she fled with her sons out of California and into Eagle, Idaho. 

After she moved to Idaho, she Googled questions about laws against providing minors with alcohol, arrest warrants, and statute of limitations, court records show. O’Connor typed in the Internet searching for: “can I get prosecuted in California if I live in Idaho,” “how do I know if there is a warrant for my arrest,” “supplying alcohol to minors in a private home,” and “statute of limitations California,” according to court documents.

When she was arrested in October 2021, police officers found O’Connor in her new Idaho home with 12 underage teenagers who had slept over the night before. 

O’Connor allegedly called her 15-year-old son from jail and instructed him not to cooperate with the police. 


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