Lottery winner, daughter found dead in their Oklahoma home

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Several reports show that a $2-million California Lottery winner last year and her 1-year-old child were murdered in Oklahoma.

The suspected murder case involving Tiffani Hill, 31, and her daughter, Leanne, is now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to local news reports, Hill was discovered lifeless in her home in Calera, Oklahoma. Her 42-year-old husband John Donato was found dead too and was reported to have shot himself and their daughter.

The deaths are now being investigated, an FBI spokesperson said, but has not yet released the victims’ names and their cause of death as the case is under probe.

The FBI handled the investigation instead of the police because the crime transpired on tribal land. The agency’s spokesperson said Hill was a registered member of the Choctaw Nation.

In November 2020, Hill hit the $2 million prize in the California Lottery, local news site KXII reported. Shortly after, she married Donato and they moved to Calera.

“Could that have sparked that argument? We’ll never have any way of knowing. But I do know there were times it caused conflict between them,” Hill’s family’s former attorney Theresa McGehee, said, as reported by SFGate.

The attorney told KXII that the family is looking at domestic violence to have led to the deaths.