Man arrested for DUI with kids, girlfriend in vehicle

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A man was arrested for drunk driving in the North Bay city of Cotati on Saturday. According to police, the man is accused of driving with a .21 blood alcohol content while his girlfriend and two children were inside his truck. 

The Cotati Police Department responded to Wilford Lane at 11:20 p.m. for a reported battery. The report said the suspect was intoxicated and punched a family member. 

According to CPD, the suspect tried to take two small children, who were reportedly kids of his girlfriend and drive away with them. The girlfriend was in the bed of the truck trying to get the children when the suspect drunkenly drove. 

While the officers were at the residence on Wilford Lane, the suspect returned with his girlfriend in the truck bed. He saw the police and fled again. 

He was later pulled over and taken into custody. 

Police did not publicly identify the suspect, but said he had a 0.21 blood alcohol content. Nobody was injured in the incident.


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