Man, dog safe after shark encounter at Pacific Grove beach

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A man and his dog encountered a shark at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove on Wednesday. This incident is the second shark sighting on the same beach. 

According to police, a man was paddling with his dog 150 yards from the Lovers Point Pier when he saw a shark swimming toward him. The man and his dog were thrown into the water due to the shark’s impact. 

“The shark swam underneath, turned, and bit the paddleboard device. The Pacific Grove resident and his dog were thrown off the board during the encounter. They were able to get back on the board and paddle to shore, uninjured,” the Pacific Grove Police Department wrote.

Officials cleared the beaches and ordered everyone out of the water. Beaches near Monterey and Pacific Grove will remain close until Saturday. 

Officials said they had not yet confirmed whether the shark was a great white. “The paddleboard device will be tested to determine the shark species,” PGPD wrote.

In June, a swimmer was attacked by a great white shark near the same beach. 

Steve Bruemmer, 62, of Monterey, said he was swimming 150 yards from the shore when “Wham! I was bit ferociously by a shark. It grabbed me and pulled me up and then dove me down in the water.” Three brave good Samaritans heard Bruemmer’s screams for help and rescued him. 

The shark that attacked Bruemmer was never seen again this summer. However, DNA collected from the paddle board could help determine if the same shark was behind the June and August incidents.