Man suspected of hurting grandma, threatening girlfriend with a knife arrested

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A man from Texas, who was trying to evade law enforcers, was arrested after he was suspected of hurting his bedridden grandmother and threatening his girlfriend with a knife while he was on the loose.

Brennen Brown was said to have been dismayed after his grandmother did not permit him to use a phone on Oct. 27, the Texarkana Police Department said. The suspect beat the old lady by pressing her on the bed, kneeling on her hip, and detaching her oxygen machine. The police department said that he warned the victim not to tell anybody what happened or else he would “kill her with a fan,” FOX News reported.

A police detective has received a warrant for the suspect’s arrest last Oct. 28. The detective located him in an apartment, along with his girlfriend. The suspect has reportedly refused to open the door but instead threatened his girlfriend with a knife to prevent her from revealing that he was in the apartment.

He released his girlfriend from knife point and tried to hide inside an air duct. The police, however, saw him when they entered the apartment, leading to his arrest.

We arrested Brennen Brown, 20, for several charges after he assaulted his bedridden grandmother and then held his girlfriend at knifepoint in late October. (Credit: Texarkana Texas Police Department)

Charges of aggravated kidnapping with a deadly weapon, injury to an elderly with bodily harm on purpose, and abuse of credit/debit card of an elderly person were slapped on the suspect, whose bond was at $350, 000.

At present, Brown is under the Bi-State Jail in Texarkana’s custody, the police department’s spokesperson said.