Man who said he swallowed explosive device jailed

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Police reported a hopeless man saying he had swallowed an explosive device and fled with a vehicle towards San Jose International Airport’s south side on Sunday morning.

The security violation was responded to by the police at 7:25 in the morning.

Authorities took the suspect into custody and they learned that his explosive claim was baseless.

In a statement on social media, the police said the man seemed to be suffering a mental health crisis. He would be provided services.

The police added that he will be facing multiple charges and will be booked in the station.

No information, however, was so far provided by the police on his detainment as well as how he entered the location.

A police spokesperson said additional information about the case will be provided once it’s available later in the day, ABC7 reported.

The security breach has caused some delays at the airport. Operations have returned to normal when the public safety threat was assured after the incident, police said.