Many sites disrupted as Amazon Web Services suffer major outage

2 mins read

Several popular sites cannot be easily accessed on Tuesday after a major outage hit Amazon’s cloud-service network, the company confirmed, as reported by AP News.

Many governments, companies, universities, and media outlets like The Associated Press use the said remote computing services. The company released a statement on its AWS status page after it received complaints on Amazon Web Services. It said that the present issue behind the outage had been “mitigated”.

Amazon then reported shortly that “many services have already recovered.” It, however, noted that work continues for others to fully recover.

It said that the concern primarily impacted the Amazon web services in the eastern part of the county. While Amazon has not furthered on what caused the outage, it admitted that its publication of updates was also affected.

Network intelligence firm Kentick Inc’s director of internet analysis Doug Madory said that the issues started mid-morning on the U.S. East Coast.

Delta Air Lines customers had a hard time connecting to the airline to book or change flight schedules. “Delta is working quickly to restore functionality to our AWS-supported phone lines,” according to the airline’s spokesperson Morgan Durrant. Delta Air Lines relayed its apologies to customers and told them to use their mobile app and website as alternatives.

Southwest Airlines also felt the technical difficulties, saying that it used the West Coast servers instead of following reports on its airport-based systems.

Reports kept coming into DownDetector more than three hours after the outage. The issue did not cause any major flight disruptions, Southwest spokesman Brian Parrish said.

Toyota is another company that reported the issue, with a down on its U.S. East Region for dealer services, its spokesperson Scott Vazin said.

Issues were also reported by people trying to access Kindle, Roku, Venmo, Instacart, and Disney+, DownDetector said. The connectivity issue has caused a 26 percent decrease in Netflix traffic, Kentik said. The outage also affected McDonald’s app.

American, United, JetBlue, and Alaska Airlines, meanwhile, were left unaffected.