Massive water main break cancels last Stern Grove Festival concert of the season

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A flood of water and mud called off the last Stern Grove Festival concert of the season on Monday, as a huge water main break filled the park venue.

Festival’s chairman Matthew Goldman said that 700, 000 gallons of water have poured into the park, “rendering our concert meadow completely destroyed.” 

He said the venue’s backstage, bathrooms, and even beneath the stage were left messed up with mud.

“We’re now just starting to understand the extent of the damage and what needs to be replaced,” he said, but did not provide the approximate cost to have the damage repaired.

Goldman, however, foresees the amount to be massive.

He said that a problematic valve seen during the construction has caused the water main to break.

Goldman said it “took a number of hours to shut off” the water, and the pipe also needed drainage.

“Obviously, being close proximity to our park, it went right into Stern Grove,” he exclaimed.

The festival’s 84th season, which was about to conclude on Sunday, was supposed to be graced by Musicians Tower of Power and Too$hort who are set to perform on the storied Stern Grove platform.

The pandemic has also moved the previous season online, SFGate reported.

“We had a really great season, and being one of the only open music venues in town, the fact we did it safely, there was a lot of excitement and exuberance,” Goldman said. 

Donations are welcome from those who want to help Stern Grove to recover. The festival is opening its website or one may opt to text “sterngrove” to 56512.