“Medical mystery”: After almost a year together, owner founds out her dog is completely blind since birth

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They have been sharing the same home for almost a year but a woman in the United Kingdom just found out that her dearest pet dog has been completely blind since birth. After a long time, she did not have any idea of her pet’s condition.

Jane Downes did not notice as her Border Collie Dave did not show any difficulties seeing, according to a report by Southern News Service (SWNS).

Downes shared that Dave seemed to find it easy to walk around, even on puddles.

“No one’s got any answers. It’s just a conundrum,” she shared to the media outlet. “It’s just really strange. He’s a blind dog that can see. Maybe it’s a sixth sense, who knows? He had everyone fooled – even me as his owner I was fooled for nine months.”

She got Dave last year from an animal rescue. The dog, without showing any medical problems, “jumped into the back of the car.”

Some told Downes that there is something unusual in Dave’s eyes, to which she believes her dog had lovely eyes.

“On a couple of occasions he walked into things but I put that down to him being a sheepdog who more than likely lived in a barn rather than a house,” she said. “He wouldn’t put a foot wrong. He would come back when you called him.”

But someone has seen Dave trip over a pet shop’s step and told Downes that her dog might have a problem seeing. She brought her to the vet and found out that Dave was totally blind.

Added to this, Dave’s retinas did not develop at all and he never had the ability to see since birth, FOX News reported.

Downes consulted a leading veterinary ophthalmologist, David Williams, from Cambridge University. Williams called Dave’s condition a “medical mystery”, having the gift to walk around without bumping.