Missing Bay Area woman returns home unharmed after four days

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As of Tuesday night, the missing woman Nikita New is “back home safe and sound” after four days, Christine Krolik, Hillsborough vice mayor who also heads the Facebook group to search for New, said.

Krolik published a post in the said group, saying that the missing Bay Area woman disappeared as he did not know her way to go back to the Potrero Stage. She “got frightened” as the sun set but failed to ask for help from people around, SFGATE reported.

“She finally saw someone with whom she is acquainted and approached them, and they drove her home,” according to Krolik.

It was not determined, however, if New approached an acquaintance or if she was returned home. The woman was unscathed.

“She will be getting the care that she needs, and there doesn’t seem to have been any foul play involved.”

SFGATE has reached out to San Francisco police but it has not provided an immediate response about the matter.

New was last spotted on Saturday in Potrero Hill neighborhood, San Francisco.

The search for the 28-year-old woman from San Mateo intensified on Tuesday.

It was said that she was along with her friends outside of Potrero Stage just off 18th Street and Arkansas Street at 2:00 in the afternoon when she was last seen.

According to a report by NBC Bay Area, New and her friends wanted to watch “Living Large”, a musical at the theater, but New misplaced her wallet and phone and has no vaccination card left to present upon entry.

One of her friends talked to NBC and said New intends to “meet them back at the theater when the performance was over,” but failed to reunite with the group at the planned time.

A Facebook group was created for her safe return. It became the platform to inform people that New was last spotted wearing a black jacket, white shorts, and had a “brightly colored” backpack. The 5 foot and 1-inch tall woman also has brown hair and hazel eyes.

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