Missouri battles virus surge; hospitals flooded with Delta variant cases

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Two federal “surge team” members were deployed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to Missouri this week with a mission to help the state in its battle against the virus surge.

Over the last couple of weeks, Missouri saw virus cases increase by an average of 46 percent, making the state add to the increasing number of states with infection surges, according to the data from the Department of Health and Human Services. Infections have increased by 180 percent over the past five weeks.

Along with Arkansas, Missouri currently tops the states recording the highest weekly case rates per capita.

In the same period, the state’s new COVID cases admitted in the hospitals also increased by 30 percent as front-line medical workers claim that infected people are quickly getting sicker.

The surge team sent by the CDC to Missouri consists of an epidemiologist who was assigned to do fieldwork for genetic sequencing as well as data analysis; and one adviser who is tasked to work with the local authorities to tackle vaccine hesitancy concerns.

The vaccination rate of the state drags the national numbers. According to the CDC, 46 percent of the residents have already been vaccinated with at least a single dose and 40 percent have already completed their vaccines. This is in comparison with 55 percent half-vaccinated and 48 percent completely vaccinated Americans nationwide.

Missouri’s health officials are hoping that help will arrive soon.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with them and learning more about how the Delta variant is impacting Missouri, specifically southwest Missouri initially,” according to the statement of the state’s health department, as reported by ABC News. “More team members will be added in the coming weeks, both remotely and in person, to assist with data and research, vaccine uptake strategies and outreach.”