2,903 more miles are up for bikers with U.S. Bicycle Route System’s largest expansion

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The U.S. Bicycle Route System announced its latest expansion which provided cyclists more selections.

The Adventure Cycling Association said the new expansion was the largest one, spanning 2, 903 miles that cover 18 new bicycle routes.

These new routes are located across Washington, California, Utah, Ohio and Indiana.

According to a press release, cyclists can take the “officially recognized” route for free. The paths are numbered and clearly signed.

“With this addition of nearly 3,000 miles, the U.S. Bicycle Route System continues to pick up momentum,” according to Adventure Cycling’s Executive Director Scott Pankratz. “And the growth of the system benefits every person who has, is, or will be traveling by bike.” 

“[The] Adventure Cycling Association applauds our state department of transportation partners, who understand the role bike travel plays in our national infrastructure, supporting health and wellness, transforming communities, and increasing economic activity across the country,” he continued, as reported by FOX News.


Two new routes were added in California.

First, the USBR 66 which “generally follows the historic U.S. Route 66.” According to reports, it starts near the Arizona border and travels across San Bernardino, Los Angeles, as well as the Colorado River, along with other remarkable landmarks and cities in the state.

Second, the USBR 95 “mostly follows U.S. Highway 101.” It takes the Pacific Coast’s redwood forests and ends in San Francisco.


A single bike route, the USBR 235, which measured 122.1 miles have been added in Indiana. It takes off from Indianapolis to Bloomington.


Ohio has the largest bicycle routes addition among the states with six in total.

Among these are the USBR 21 which travels from Edgewater Park in Cleveland to Aberdeen and the USBR 44 which takes the route to the Lima and Bucyrus cities, as well as the Indiana border.

The expansion also reached the Buckeye state with the addition of USBR 25, USBR 225, and USBR 30.


Five new bicycle routes were added in Utah.

Included in the expansion is the USBR 77, traveling the Ogden, Salt Lake City and Provo trials, and the USBR 677, which treats the cyclists to Utah Lake’s view.

Another route for Utah is the USBR 79 and USBR 291 which goes into the state’s desert areas.


The USBR 81 and USBR 281 were among the bicycle routes added in Washington.

The USBR 81 takes off from Tekoa to Snake River Canyon, going into the Asotin and Clarkston cities while the USBR 281 links Washington and Idaho from Clarkston city.