Mysterious Homicide’s East Bay Homeless Murder Victim Finally Identified

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Victim of Mysterious Homicide’s Identity Revealed

On Tuesday, Antioch authorities finally uncovered the homeless man victim’s identity who mysteriously died near a canal last week. According to the Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office, the homicide victim identifies as 44-year-old Sean Harris. Official accounts reported that when he was still alive, Harris resided in Antioch as a transient. However, the police did not give any comments regarding the murder on Tuesday morning.

During last week’s news release, the police department received a tip-off about a body found in the canal area between Manzanita and Lemontree ways in Antioch on November 18 at 7:13 p.m. Upon arriving at the scene, officers saw Harris laid on his back and not breathing. After attempting to try and save him by doing multiple treatment measures, they later pronounced Harris’ death at the time of the incident. 

Harris’ Murder Case and Updates on the Suspect

Moreover, the 30-year-old suspect for Harris’ mysterious homicide also got arrested after the police identified him through various witnesses’ testimonies. Based on the gathered information, the perpetrator and Harris were in a heated argument. During the dispute, he struck Harris in the head so hard to leave him rendered unconscious, leading him to die moments later due to the blow’s impact. Onlookers stated that they saw the suspect run away from the scene and not seek medical attention. Shortly after, Antioch cops got a hold of him and arrested the man for suspicion of murder. However, they did not reveal any details addressing how and where they found the killer. As of late, the police detained the man at the Martinez County Jail with a $1 million bail amount.

Despite what happened, a Contra Costa District Attorney’s representative reported no charges filed surrounding Harris’ untimely murder. However, the Antioch Police Department declined to disclose the suspect’s identity to the public.

In a few weeks, the Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office would file its finalized report of the homicide incident. Meanwhile, the police failed to identify other causes of Harris’ death apart from the blow he received in the head.

October 3’s Shooting Incident in Antioch

Multiple homicide cases took place in Antioch within this year. On October 3, police officers responded to a shooting incident at the 700th block of Hap Arnold Street in the City of Antioch at 3:58 a.m. According to multiple witnesses, they heard several gunshots fired around the neighborhood, leading them to call the attention of the cops.

Upon arriving at the incident’s location, Antioch police officers found a victim lying in the backyard of a house in the vicinity. According to the case’s official report, authorities identified the sufferer as a 39-year-old male. They saw him suffering from one gunshot wound, calling for emergency paramedic staff to assist the affected victim.

The Antioch resident victim later fell unconscious at the scene after trying to endure the injuries he received from the shootout event. The suspect ran away from the scene as Antioch authorities came up. They requested medical help immediately to treat the sufferer’s gunshot wound.

According to the Antioch Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigators and Detectives, the suspect purposely aims to harm the victim at the time of the crime. The police department joined forces with the Violent Crimes and Special Operations unit to conduct a thorough examination of the case.

Identification of the Murderer and the Case’s Current Status

During the criminal investigations, police officers identified the suspect as a 32-year-old Concord resident. Based on the conducted case inspections executed by the detectives, the murderer escaped to another country after the shooting incident. In response, investigators traced the suspect’s whereabouts and later arrested him for suspecting attempted murder.

Currently, cops and detectives work together to check if there are more suspects related to the crime. The investigation for the shooting case is still ongoing.

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