Nancy Pelosi Gets Challenged by Another Democratic Congresswoman

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On Monday, Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin declared her refusal to vote for House Speaker nancy Polisi in the upcoming run-off elections. According to Slotkin, her denial to vote for Pelosi stems from her choice to support another potential candidate for the House Speaker position. 

During her exclusive interview with Politico, Slotkin outright expressed her honest refusal to vote for Pelosi. She may not know which candidates might and would run against her, but Slotkin also revealed that she would have a face-to-face discussion with Pelosi regarding the matter. 

Slotkin’s most highlighted answer on her conference with Politico is her wish to seek new leadership. According to her, she would like to see New York and California candidates to try and run for the House Speaker position despite respecting a handful of Midwesterner nominees that have the potential to take on the role. 

In 2018, Slotkin won the red district’s favor that covered Lansing and re-elected during the 2020 elections. Before the 2020 general elections, however, she harshly criticized her political party’s campaign slogan. Slotkin emphasized the party’s lack of a central note resulted in the House incumbents’ fragility to Republican attacks surrounding “socialism” and “defund the police” issues.

Additionally, Slotkin stated that the Democratic party’s movement is slushy. She further explained that because citizens do not know what they stand for and fight about, convincing many of these people to oppose them would become less burdensome. The party needed to be clear and specific with their brand for people to understand their goals and plans for them and the state.

Last week, Virginia Representative Abigail Spanberger revealed that she almost lost a battle caused by the activist-driven motive to “defund the police” after George Floyd’s death occurred last May of this year.

On an intense meeting conference call last week, Spanberger asserted that defunding the police was her people’s topmost concern, earning herself a tight win regarding the matter’s debate. Moreover, Spanberger reminded everyone to be careful with their words and pay more attention to their thoughts before saying something they do not mean. Professionalism is a number one trait in the world of Congress, and as Spanberger stated, they should act as respectable professionals who talk about matters that they are genuinely involved.

Like Slotkin, Spanberger also admitted her refusal to support Pelosi in the next elections. Spanberger forewarned her party that if they accept Pelosi’s assessment evaluations claiming that 2020 was a good year for congressional Democrats, they will face severe consequences by the time 2022 arrives. In response to Spanberger’s statements, Pelosi purportedly spoke on the call after. According to Pelosi, she disagrees with Spanberger’s narrative of the race, claiming that the Democrats won the presidency with honesty and that they narrowly held the House during the entire process.

Despite the public’s multiple attacks against Pelosi concerning her achievements as a House Speaker, anyone has yet to challenge Pelosi for her speaker role through a formal announcement. Ohio Representative Tim Ryan attempted to run against Pelosi for the House Minority Leader position during the 2016 elections. However, Pelosi defeated Ryan with a wide gap vote of 134-63. 

Slotkin still firmly believes that New York’s and California’s liberalism is toxic election-wise across the country, as it prioritizes more on cultural and social issues than economic policy. According to her, the previously mentioned declaration would remain a fact regardless of Pelosi’s future loss or victory in securing her spot as a House Speaker. Slotkin reminisced of the times when she thought Trump’s presidential victory would give America’s hopes for progression but turned out to be closed off when it comes to political correctness. Additionally, she believed that the current era is composed of a different generation who is accepting of political correctness and understanding of what the term honestly conveys.