Nancy Pelosi Renominated As House Speaker

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San Francisco Representative Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday has been renominated for another term as House Speaker in a voice vote. 

House Democrats selected Pelosi for another term as speaker during a voice vote. Unlike her nomination in 2018, when some opposed her nomination during a roll call, this year’s renomination was suspense-free. 

In 2019, Pelosi lost the support of 15 Democrats on the House floor. Many are expected to return to Congress. While her detractors this year have yet to voice serious opposition, some have already expressed that they will not vote for her. 

While her renomination was expected, Pelosi may face more challenge to win her fourth term as speaker once the new Congress convenes in January. The California Democrat would need to win a majority of the House to be renominated. If all members of the House vote, she would need to earn 218 votes. 

Many believe she will succeed in January’s voting. However, several Democrats have expressed their concerns about messaging and strategy after their majority shrank to a narrow margin during the 2020 election, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. 

The exact size of the Democrats’ majority is still unknown as a handful of key races have yet to be counted. Democrats currently have 220 seats. They are expected to win in a few of the remaining races. 

The top leaders of House Democrats have remained in their positions. The only competitive races were seen lower in the ranks and on committees. The only victim of the underwhelming election outcome was Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos who lost the chair of the party’s House campaign operation. 

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