Netflix’s New Mobile Feature will Tempt You to Watch More Netflix Shows

2 mins read

If you love short funny clips and Netflix shows, let us introduce Fast Laughs

Fast Laughs is Netflix’s new mobile feature that allows subscribers to scroll through their screen and get their daily dose of funny clips without having to watch a whole film or TV show. 

The feature, which is currently only available for iOS and in selected countries, has the look and feel of TikTok or Instagram Reels. It will show different short clips from shows such as Big Mouth or stand-up specials from comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Ali Wong, and have it play directly into the Netflix app. If the user is interested in the said clip, the show can be saved to their watch later list. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to entertain and make discovery easier for members,” Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix, said, adding that Fast Laughs is a “new full-screen feed of funny clips from a wide variety of Netflix titles, ranging from films and series to our deep bench of stand-up specials.”

The addition of Fast Laughs is Netflix’s boost from its major competitor, TikTok. Despite releasing a different type of content, reports stated that people are spending more time on TikTok, which also means that they are on Netflix less. By giving iOS users something to occupy their attention, they are also convincing them to spend more time on the app. This is applauded as a smart business move. 

Furthermore, Netflix is not trying to launch a new platform. But instead, making use of a new feature to keep people on its current platform.