Russia’s weaponization of natural gas could backfire by destroying demand for it

Michael E. Webber, University of Texas at Austin In December 2006, The Economist magazine published a cover drawing of Russian president Vladimir Putin, dressed like a 1930s gangster in a dark suit and fedora hat, under the headline “Don’t Mess with Russia.” Putin held a gasoline nozzle, gripping it like a machine gun. The target […]

Ukraine war: Ordinary Belarusians are also being victimized by Russia

David Roger Marples, University of Alberta When Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, one potential inroad was from the north, where Russian and Belarusian troops had been conducting an exercise called Allied Resolve. Missiles fired from bases in Belarus caused extensive damage to the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv. Yet to date, no Belarusian troops have […]

Oscars: more international films are nominated than ever – here’s why

Georgia Thomas Parr, University of Sheffield The Academy Awards have not fared well in recent years. The Oscars’ dwindling reputation has been noted by many in light of its numerous fiascos and cancelled televised ceremonies, exacerbated by the pandemic. As the esteemed validator and spokesperson of Hollywood, the Academy has become accountable to an entertainment […]

Who gets to decide when the pandemic is over?

Ruth Ogden, Liverpool John Moores University and Patricia Kingori, University of Oxford It’s been two years since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID outbreak a pandemic, and since then, people around the world have been asking the same thing: when will it end? This seems like a simple question, but historical analysis shows […]

6 wildfire terms to understand, from red flag warning to 100% containment

David Godwin, University of Florida Wildfires fueled by dry, windy conditions have destroyed dozens of homes in Texas and threatened hundreds of others there and in Oklahoma and Florida this March. They’re a sharp reminder to be prepared for what forecasters warn is likely to be a risky spring for wildfires, particularly in the southern […]