Nima Momeni to stand trial for the murder of Bob Lee

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Nima Momeni will stand trial for the murder of Bob Lee, a judge ruled Tuesday in a San Francisco courtroom. 

Judge Harry Dorfman said, “A decision was made to kill. Nima Momeni, I am satisfied that the only crime charged, murder, did occur and that you are responsible for it.”

Krista, Lee’s ex-wife, told reporters that she has no doubt Momeni killed her ex-husband. 

“The evidence, as I see it, is very strong. Mr. Momeni’s DNA is on the handle of the knife. Mr. Lee’s blood is on the blade of the knife,” Judge Dorfman said.

The judge’s ruling was based on a two-day preliminary hearing where prosecutors presented key pieces of evidence. 

Six San Francisco Police Department officers also testified for the hearing. 

Testimony was delivered by a patrol officer who found Bob Lee bleeding from stab wounds on April 4, 2023, at around 2:30 a.m. 

Lee had called 911 for himself and tried to find help along Main and Harrison streets before collapsing. 


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