Oakland man arrested for approaching, demanding hugs from female minors

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A 32-year-old man from Oakland was arrested by the Berkeley Police Department over the accusations of asking school-aged girls for a hug twice in different circumstances, police confirmed on Wednesday, KRON4 reported.

A girl walking on Monday on McGee Avenue close to Channing Way became his recent victim.

Based on the reports of the witnesses, the suspect, Christopher Lee Dalton, allegedly told the victim that he intended to walk alongside her as he will find his daughter in Berkeley High School.

The victim did not allow him to walk with her but he insisted, assuring the girl that he is a member of the police force.

The police said Dalton then cornered the victim and demanded a hug.

He also had a knife with him.

The same demand was asked by the suspect to a girl he also victimized in a separate incident on Sept. 29 on the 1300 block of Gilman Street.

He demanded the girl for a hug, and that time, he had a firearm with him, the police said.

The victim managed to escape and reported the incident to the authorities.

Detectives found out through the community’s security footage that Dalton had a model red Ford Mustang Fastback with dark tinted windows.

The police department is asking anyone with details regarding the incident to come forward and call (510) 981-5735.