Oakland police search for man using possible credit card “skimmer”

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The Oakland Police Department is searching for someone who might have used a credit card “skimmer” at a local gas station. A skimmer is a “machine installed on a credit/debit card reader and collects a person’s card number and pin information.”

According to OPD, what seems to be a skimmer was used on the credit card reader inside a 7-Eleven at 3500 Grand Avenue on July 16, around 9:00 p.m. OPD released surveillance images of the suspect. 

Images from the Oakland Police Department.

2 other skimming devices were found at the Bank of America ATM at 303 Hegenberger Road in Oakland on January 10 and April 21.

Last week, the Petaluma Police Department also found 4 instances of skimmers being used. 

In Petaluma, police found cameras pointed at the keypads to record people’s PINs. Credit card information and PINs can be used to make fraudulent purchases. 

Police said skimmers are hard to spot but can be found with a visual and physical inspection. They are often placed on top of the card reader and usually do not fit correctly. 

OPD advises ATM users to “check for any loose parts between the reader and the panel underneath it.”

Anyone who used a debit or credit card at the 7-Eleven on 3500 Grand Avenue on July 16 or 17 is urged to check with their bank for fraudulent activity. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact OPD at (510) 238-3728.