Oakland police warn after spike in home invasions

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The Oakland Police Department is reporting an increase in home invasion robberies in various neighborhoods, including Laurel, North Hills, Joaquin Miller, and San Antonio. 

“In recent cases, armed individuals forcibly entered the residences by kicking in doors, threatening the victims, and taking the victim’s personal belongings before fleeing the residence,” OPD wrote.

OPD officers are investigating the home invasions but did not announce any arrests. 

Due to the spike in crimes, the Oakland Police Department warns residents to make their homes safer and reduce the risks of break-ins. 

  • “Ensure all doors and windows are properly secured. Consider reinforcing doors with a security bar or a door brace.”
  • Install a home security system with motion detection, surveillance cameras, and alarms.
  • “Trim hedges and shrubs around entry points to eliminate potential hiding spots.”
  • “Do not open your door to strangers without verifying their identity.”
  • “Join or initiate a neighborhood watch program in your community.”
  • Use outdoor lighting with motion sensors.
  • “Create an emergency plan to include a safe meeting point.”

OPD is encouraging residents to report any suspicious activities or information that could assist law enforcement with preventing more home invasion robberies. If you are a victim, or have information regarding these incidents, call police at 510-238-3326.


Charlene is a Bay Area journalist who hails from the small community of Fresno. Drawing from her experience writing for her college paper, Charlene continues to advocate for free press and local journalism. She also volunteers in all the beach cleanups she can because she loves the water.