October Weather Forecast and Climate – San Francisco, California

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This month of October, the weather in San Francisco, California, is mild, with the average lows dropping to 11°C and the first presence of rain. San Francisco has significant weather conditions where there is a small difference in temperature in the lows and highs. This month’s days are warm and pleasant, having mostly clear skies so that people can enjoy beaches and outdoor activities. The month of October has been an excellent time to visit via ferry boat to Angel Island and take an open-air tram tour of the island on arrival.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the temperature in October in San Francisco?

Ans. The average high temperature in San Francisco, California, is 20.7 degrees Celsius, while the average low temperature is 12.1 degrees Celsius.

How many days does it rain in October in San Francisco?

In San Francisco, California, in the month of October, during 3.9 rainfall days, 14.” Or 35mm of precipitation is typically accumulated.

How cold is the weather in October in San Francisco?

In San Francisco, California, in October, the average water temperature is 13.9 degrees Celsius. At temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, swimming in a suitably protected swimsuit is feasible; otherwise, cold shock and loss of breathing control are looming. Even a short swim, without using thermal protection, at a temperature around 13 degrees Celsius is not comfortable and could be dangerous.

How many hours of daylight does San Francisco have in October?

The average length of daylight in San Francisco in October is about 11.2 hours a day.

How many hours of sunshine does San Francisco have in October?

People will experience the average sunshine for 8 hours in San Francisco, California, in October.

What is the UV index reading in October in San Francisco?

In San Francisco, California, people will experience a maximum UV index in October of 5. A UV Index reading of 3 to 5 represents a medium hazard to health from exposure to the Sun’s UV radiation.

Average Scale Temperature in October San Francisco, California

San Francisco recorded an average high temperature of 69.2°F. The highest average temperature in September (70.2°F), the warmest month. January recorded (56.9 °F) as the lowest average high temperature.

The average low temperature in October is 53.7°F.

August and September recorded 55.1°F, the months with the highest average. Simultaneously, the coldest month with the lowest standard of low temperature is January 45.7 °F.

Average Rainfall in October San Francisco, CA

October average rainfall is about 1.4″. The wettest month of the year is January (4.9″). The driest month is July (0″).

Average rainfall days in October San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California, has an average rainfall day in October about 3.9 days. January has the highest number of rainy days, recording 11.7 days. The month that has the lowest number of rainy days in July, which records are 0.3 days.

Average Sea Temperature in October San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California, records an average sea temperature in October about 56.9 °F. The best month to go swimming in September, with the highest average sea temperature of 57.3 °F. The coldest months are April and June, with the lowest average sea temperature of 53°F.

Average Daylight/Sunshine in October San Francisco, CA

For the month of October, people experienced an average of 11.2 hours of daylight. The month of June has the most extended daylight averaging from 14.7 hours. In comparison, the shortest days are December, which will average from 9.6 hours of daylight.

October records a ray of average sunshine for 8 hours. May is the month with the most sunshine hours averaging from 10.5h. The month with the least sunshine is December, with an average of 5.2 hours.

Average UV Index in October San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, California, recorded an average index of UV, is 5. Months of June, July, and August recorded the highest UV index, 9. In contrast, the lowest UV indexes are January and December 2.

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