Oregon medical team hands gives COVID-19 vaccines to snowstorm stranded drivers

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20 Oregon medical workers were stopped by traffic due to an ongoing snowstorm on Highway 199, near  Hayes Hill. These courageous workers then went around car-by-car to give to-be-expired COVID-19 vaccine doses to fellow stranded drivers. 

By the time this has happened, the team has just finished administering a mass vaccination on a local high school, leaving them with six doses to work with. These six doses were then used to inject fellow drivers. 

The group had just finished a coronavirus mass vaccination event at a local high school and had six doses left to administer at the end of the day. These six doses were already reserved for six recipients, but the resulting snowstorm made it so that the doses would expire before they reached the recipients.

In order to not waste the vaccines, the staff decided to administer the doses to people also stuck in traffic. They were accompanied with a county ambulance in case of emergency. 

All six of the doses were used, one of which was administered to a County Sheriff Office employee, who arrived late for the vaccination clinic, resulting in them getting stuck together with the vaccination staff.