Person behind text threats to kill President Biden faces federal charge

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A federal charge was filed against a man from New Mexico after he sent alleged threatening text messages to people to kill US President Joe Biden.

The suspect, John Benjamin Thornton, is facing the legal consequences of intervening with interstate commerce communications to send out warnings to hurt other persons.

Statements that Thornnton was taking “taking leadership of revolutionary Army called the the [sic] 3%ers” were among the indirect messages from him, which served as a proof for the filing of criminal charges. The messages point to the Three Percenters group, which maintains an anti-government stance.

Thornton, as stated in the complaint, considered himself as a “revolutionary war general.” He allegedly wrote: “5 stars after I execute Joe Biden for Treason.”

The charging documents which received the text messages were not pinpointed by the FBI investigators. They also did not specify if they had contact with the suspect in the past.

The records at Doña Ana County Jail show that the suspect is under the law enforcers’ custody without bond. As of Wednesday afternoon, he also had not been assigned with a legal representative.

The suspect is set to attend a federal court hearing set on Friday morning.

Furthermore, the messages that appeared in the criminal complaint point out that a Canadian computer company makes use of a device in order to “Tunnel into the Brainwaves of ALL Methamphetamine users Brainwaves, globally.”

Thornton, in the messages he suspectedly sent, threatened to “shotgun execute every single one of them”, referring to the company.

He said: “My ex wife is a traitor and is likely to be executed by my new government.”

According to the FBI, the messages originate from the mobile phone Thornton owns, which also carried his photo.

“Thornton has been the subject of complaints since November 11, 2020, by several persons who have received messages characterized as disturbing or threatening since that time,” the complaint stated.