Persons who took cash from California freeway chaos arrested; many others return money

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Loads of cash were seen across a California freeway, enticing some commuters who came with joy and laughter.

Interstate 5 in Carlsbad on Friday was rained with cash from an armored truck that had its back door open. The disorder was caught on a video, which made rounds on Instagram and TikTok, SFGATE reported.

“Everyone stopped on the freeway to get money off of the freeway. This is literally insane,” a woman, seemingly excited, was heard.

The Sectran Security truck driver initially tried to get the money back but decided to take photos of the people gathering it, which is mostly $1 and $20 bills, instead.

The rain of cash appeared like something people could wish for, but the police arrived and cut the dreamy moment.

Among the opportunistic commuters were the two persons who were locked out from their vehicle amid the mayhem. The California Highway Patrol said they were arrested, adding that they secured photographs of some people who got money, too.

“It’s not your money,” CHP Sgt. Curtis Martin, who appeared at a press conference, said. He cautioned persons who have taken part in the chaos could be slapped with criminal consequences.

By Friday afternoon, at least 12 people had given back the cash they got, following the arrest of the two on the scene.

“People are bringing in a lot,” Martin said. “People got a lot of money.” 

CHP is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the incident.