Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines approved for kids as young as 12: US health experts

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The use of COVID-19 developed by Pfizer was authorized on Wednesday by US health experts on children aging as young as 12.

This, as newly-released guidelines allowed people to receive coronavirus shots like other necessary vaccinations, regardless of age.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention advisers said that having children covered in the vaccination program will enable them to safely become part of summer camps and can pave the way to the normalcy of education in the classrooms.

“And this is another way to get closer to ending this horrible pandemic,” Dr. Camille Kotton, adviser from the Harvard Medical School, noted.

On Wednesday, the effort on vaccinating the younger population in the middle and high schools started in suburban Atlanta as kids were administered with their first dose.

14-year-old Meredith Rogers from Decatur, Georgia shared that he felt like she just had her flu shot after receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

Her mother, Michelle Rogers, expressed her hope that having the younger population covered by the vaccine will result in returning back to normal.

“A little apprehensive, but you know what? This is a step towards getting life back to normal so, we’re all in,” she exclaimed.

For months, vaccines from Pfizer have been used to vaccinate people 16 years old and older.

The Food and Drug Administration earlier this week allowed for the vaccine brand to be used for people as young as 12 years old.

Recommendations from the CDC advisers were awaited by the majority of the population before the vaccine is rolled-out to the younger population.

According to the panel, using the same dose of adults to people aged 12 to 15 years old is safe and can provide protection.

The recommendations of the advisers were speedily accepted by the CDC.

Concerns, however, grew on students aged 12- to 15- years old who were not able to catch the regular vaccines set during the pandemic.