PixelJunk Raiders, Stadia’s next exclusive to release March 1st

1 min read

PixelJunk Raiders is set to release as an exclusive to Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service. 

The game plays as a third-person hack-and-slash roguelite game, it is set to release on March 1st. It will initially cost around $19.99, including a free Stadia Pro subscription. 

It will also support Stadia’s State Share feature, which has been previously present on Hitman games- letting players share specific parts of missions with other players. Using this feature, PixelJunk Raiders will allow you to impact other players’ worlds by placing turrets, traps, and gadgets in your own world. 

This release comes exactly 1 month after Google’s decision to shut its in-house game development studio, with multiple divisions tasked with previously developing original games for Stadia. Despite this setback, Google is still pushing for exclusive titles to debut in Stadia, albeit being from third-party studios. 

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games and Rock Band developer Harmonix were also set to launch exclusive titles for Stadia, previously announced last year. The state of these exclusives right after the shutting down of Google’s in-house studio is still unclear, however.