Plan in place: SFPD chief ready in case over 200 police officers fails to get fully vaccinated in time

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Several reports show that San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott is gearing to reshuffle police assignments as about 300 officers are yet to get their COVID-19 vaccines, in a bid to still deliver vital services to the city.

A total of 267 police officers and 46 staffers in the SFPD are not yet vaccinated, an email that reached The San Francisco Chronicle and the SF Examiner said.

The number is out of the total 2, 122 police officers and 713 administrative employees under the police department.

“Uncertainty about the number of unvaccinated SFPD members or who will be unable to perform their duties after October 13 requires this department to begin initial redeployments to assure that we continue to fulfill our core functions of patrol, investigations and public safety,” the police chief reportedly said through an email.

The San Francisco city and county mandated all workers to get complete vaccination doses by Nov. 1. The deadline was set earlier for those who are exposed more and are at higher risk for the virus, like the police force, who are required to get their complete vaccination by Oct. 13.

To beat the deadline, unvaccinated officers were supposed to get their second dose on Wednesday as the last day.

Scott’s plan that will be implemented if police officers cannot get their complete vaccine doses by the deadline is incorporated in the email. According to the chief, 31 officers and 10 sergeants will be moved from support duties to patrol, SFGATE reported.

“The San Francisco Police Department will have the resources necessary to fulfill its duties to preserve the peace and protect the safety and property of those we are sworn to serve,” he said.