Police says Santa Rosa abduction case turns out to be a “prank”

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A police spokesman on Thursday said that an alleged kidnapping of a minor in Santa Rosa on Wednesday was discovered to be a “poorly planned and decided prank.”

The “prank”, which triggered an Amber Alert, involves a 15-year-old girl from Vallejo.

On Wednesday, authorities launched a search for Georgiana Bambaloi who was reported to be taken in a vehicle at a gas station located in the 2500 block of Guerneville Road on Wednesday afternoon. The suspect in the incident was Ionita Cimino, 20, ABC7 reported.

The following day, however, Santa Rosa police reported that the teenager was retrieved and in a safe situation.

Fifteen-year-old Georgiana Bambaloi of Vallejo is back home and safe after she was abducted at a gas station in Santa Rosa on Wednesday, police said.

Authorities released more details later in the day. They said that the abduction turned out as a prank and investigators are reaching everyone involved in the activity.

“Many difficulties” were faced by the police in handling the case, said Lt. Dan Marincik. Among these are the reporting of the incident that took place hours later as well as the conflicting details it received about the event.

While authorities have not revealed whether someone was arrested in the prank, it said additional details linked to the case will later be announced.