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Parler is bringing together mainstream conservatives, anti-Semites and white supremacists as the social media platform attracts millions of Trump supporters

Georgia prepares for COVID-19 vaccine and post-holiday case spike

Georgia is prepared to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is approved, state officials said Tuesday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved Georgia’s vaccination plan, which Georgia Department of Public Health Commissioner Kathleen Toomey said Tuesday mirrors the state’s 2009 influenza pandemic plan and CDC guidance. Georgia plans to issue the vaccine to vulnerable populations once it is approved. “We’ll be moving in waves over time. Exactly what is our vaccine amount, I think is

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How Joe Biden did so well in Georgia

Bev-Freda Jackson, American University School of Public Affairs For nearly 30 years, the state of Georgia has voted reliably Republican in presidential elections. Not since 1992 has the state backed a Democrat for president. Now, the hand recount of 2020

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