Pregnant COVID-positive and unvaccinated mom in SF loses baby

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A COVID-infected mother who was not protected by vaccines lost her unborn baby this month and is now needing help.

“To leave your baby at the hospital, it’s very, very sad. I have memories of feeling my baby when she would move in me,” said Nancy Mejia from San Francisco.

The mother arrived at San Francisco General Hospital last week and discovered that the child she was carrying had died. After two days, her stillborn daughter Sara Ximena came out at 8 months.

“The truth is I feel guilty about what happened,” Mario de Paz, Majia’s husband said. Since the start of August, he has been sick with the virus.

He first thought that the sickness he was feeling was caused by the first COVID-19 vaccine he received and went home to Mejia who later felt ill, along with their other 3-year-old child.

“If I could go back in time, I would have gotten vaccinated sooner,” de Paz said.

Pregnant women are encouraged by the CDC to get vaccinated. However, some 75 percent of the pregnant women in the county are not yet vaccinated.

Mejia received her first dose following her birth. She claimed that her pregnancy had no issues before she was infected by the virus.

An autopsy would be needed on Mejia’s baby for the doctors to determine her cause of death.

The mother, however, said it was the COVID-19 infection that caused her baby to die, ABC7 reported.

“Everything was fine until I got a fever, cough, and chills.”

“To the mothers who are not vaccinated, get the vaccine,” she told pregnant women.

Her husband cannot report to his job at a restaurant because of the infections. They started a GoFundMe for the burial expenses of their child.

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