Pro-Trump Supporters Waive Flags and Signs Above Lafayette Overpass

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East Bay pro-Trump demonstrators gathered together to fight against the Lafayette City Council at a Highway 24 overpass.

Large crowds of Trump supporters are rallying every Monday and Friday on the El Curtola overpass located above Highway 24 near 680 in Lafayette. The demonstrators were seen waving flags and signs to drivers below the overpass.

Pro-Trump Supporters

“We are pro-Trump citizens, we believe the election was fraudulent. And the person in the White House is not a legally elected president,” Patriots of Contra Costa’s Lisa Disbrow said.

However, Lafayette City Mayor Susan Candell said the protesters were a distraction to drivers passing through and posed a risk to their safety. The city council planned to consider a letter on Monday to CalTrans and CHP to remove the demonstrators.

The Trump supporters argued their cause was not about distracting drivers but what the signs meant. They say their actions are protected by the constitution and are ready to debate with anyone who opposes them.

“That free-speech is in the First Amendment and that they are basically having a council tantrum,” Disbrow said, NBC Bay Area reported.

The number of vehicular crashes along the strip of road where the demonstrations occurred since September have not increased over the last six months. It is currently unclear whether or not the city council will approve the plan of sending a letter to local agencies.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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