Prominent lawyer in Colorado allegedly planned killing of estranged husband’s girlfriend

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An animal rights lawyer in Colorado pleaded guilty of charges linked to the suspected murder-for-hire plot against the girlfriend of her estranged husband, her legal representative told Fox News.

The 43-year-old Jennifer Emmi was charged with request to perpetrate second-degree murder, threatening, heat-of-passion strangulation, trying to sway a judge, defying a bail bond, revenge against a witness, as well as stalking.

The lawyer was also slammed with misdemeanor charges that include criminal mischief, rash driving, tampering, and a couple of child abuse counts she committed involving her children.

Emmi is a prominent animal rights lawyer in Evergreen town where she is based. She has worked at The Animal Law Center and made appearances on local television.

Based on an affidavit dated January, the former husband admitted to investigators that he is afraid of his, his girlfriend and their children’s lives.

The ex-husband’s statements were made because of Emmi’s frustration on their divorce, Colin Bresee, Emmi’s attorney, told a judge last February.

According to the affidavit, Emmi and a trained military sniper purportedly came to a farmland  in November last year in connection to murdering her ex-husband’s girlfriend.

In January, Emmi was arrested.

Also using the name Jennifer Edwards, Emmi had a history of threatening and possessing violent behavior even against her own children, according to law enforcement documents secured by Fox News.

The lawyer was reported to have “pulled a knife” on her ex-husband named Donald “Donnie” Emmi in January 2020.

The ex-husband alleged Emmi in Jefferson County law enforcement documents that she “put it to his neck” while he was carrying on his arms one of their children.

The suspected lawyer is set to be sentenced starting August 16 at 1 p.m.