Welcome to the San Francisco Times Weekly News Quiz for April 18, 2021. Here you'll find a mix of questions on current events around the world and locally in Northern California. Take your best shot and see if you're up to date on all the latest news!

1. Which coronavirus vaccine has been paused for use in San Francisco after reports of rare blood clots?
2. The officer who is being charged for second degree manslaughter of Daunte Wright serves in which state?
3. Which royal family member recently died after being sent to the hospital?
4. Which former Miss USA has been appointed to the World Food Program USA Board of Directors?
5. Which cryptocurrency company, led by Brian Armstrong, had their IPO this week?
6. Two vaccination sites in San Francisco closed earlier than their scheduled operating time due to a lack of doses, one of which is the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Which is the other?
7. Steph Curry became the all time leading scorer for the Golden State Warriors this week. Whose record did he break?
8. What crowd-favorite dessert is at risk of running out in the Bay Area?
9. Which California program is offering insurance plans as low as $1 per month to residents with the help of the American Rescue Plan fundings?
10. A former mayor of which Sonoma County city has been arrested for charges of sexual assault on a minor?