Welcome to the San Francisco Times Weekly News Quiz for April 4, 2021. Here you'll find a mix of questions on current events around the world and locally in Northern California. Take your best shot and see if you're up to date on all the latest news!

1. Pfizer said its coronavirus vaccine has been able to stop how many (in percentage) of coronavirus infections in the first six months of being administered?
2. Which type of meat in North Korea has jumped in price by more than 57% in the last six months?
3. Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee won a spot for the Tokyo Olympics medley relay after surviving what type of cancer?
4. What type of debt is United States President Joe Biden considering removing?
5. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recently announced a potential release date for the $1,400 stimulus checks, when is it?
6. What kind of animal was found dead in the San Francisco Bay area last week?
7. San Francisco officials are aiming to vaccinate how many of their residents in the coming weeks?
8. How old was the boy who is believed to have been one of the victims of a fatal shooting in Orange County that resulted in the death of four people?
9. A woman traveled to San Francisco to get shot with the coronavirus vaccine. She was on a business trip from which Central American country when she got an appointment?
10. San Francisco police are looking for a suspect who brutally attacked a resident on February 3, 2021, which part of the victim’s body did the criminal stab?