Welcome to the San Francisco Times Weekly News Quiz for March 21, 2021. Here you'll find a mix of questions on current events around the world and locally in Northern California. Take your best shot and see if you're up to date on all the latest news!

1. Which coronavirus vaccine brand was recently linked with the side effect of resulting in blood clot?
2. Which Asian country was hit by a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake which caused several minor tsunamis?
3. Which country in the United Kingdom proposed a bill that would limit street demonstrations?
4. Which American state is currently leading in the number of variant cases of the coronavirus in the United States?
5. Which brand of the coronavirus vaccine is South Africa selling off to other African countries?
6. San Francisco officials announced plans to include more people in the prioritization list of eligible residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine last week, which are they?
7. Which variant of the coronavirus infection was recently discovered in California after a San Bernardino resident tested positive?
8. Which United States legislation will provide millions of dollars in funding for Bay Area community colleges?
9. Which Bay Area county plans to expand its coronavirus vaccine eligibility list?
10. Which California theme park is set to reopen its doors to the public soon albeit with limited capacity and customized experiences?