Welcome to the San Francisco Times Weekly News Quiz for May 2, 2021. Here you'll find a mix of questions on current events around the world and locally in Northern California. Take your best shot and see if you're up to date on all the latest news!

1. The United States restricted travel to which country due to a COVID-19 outbreak?
2. Who became the first woman of color to win best director at the Oscars?
3. Who became the 49ers first round pick?
4. President Biden declared genocide of which group of people?
5. The State of California is facing what kind of emergency right now?
6. What California theme park re-opened this week at 25% capacity, to much fanfare?
7. What city topped New York City as the Billionaire capital in the world?
8. Which actress passed away at 89 years old this week?
9. The CDC issue updated guidelines for those who are vaccinated, including:
10. Which of the following has expressed interest in running to replace Gavin Newsom as California Governor?