Welcome to the San Francisco Times Weekly News Quiz for May 23, 2021. Here you'll find a mix of questions on current events around the world and locally in Northern California. Take your best shot and see if you're up to date on all the latest news!

1. Before this week’s ceasefire, the 11 day war between Israel and Hamas caused how many casualties?
2. What is the most vaccinated country in the world (60% of population) that is facing some outbreaks this week?
3. What date will California officially open its economy again?
4. Leonardo DiCaprio pledged $43m towards what cause?
5. The Miss Universe contestant from which country shared a message, “our people are dying”
6. The Oakland A’s will visit which city to hear a pitch for relocation?
7. The World Health Organization released a study that said those who work a certain amount of hours every week had a 35% higher risk of stroke compared to those who work 35-40 hr work week. How many hours?
8. Which country called for a crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading?
9. In response to attacks on what group of people did President Biden sign the COVID 19 Hate Crimes Act?
10. SF General Hospital reached no COVID-19 patients this week, the first since what month?