Rainy spell: Three storms are in the Bay Area forecast

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Over the next six days, the San Francisco Bay Area is expected to be hit by three storms coming one after the other. While the forecast is still developing, the information of how the weather events will arrive is becoming transparent.

A huge, intense storm is said to start this weekend. Rain brought by the first two systems is forecast to be light to moderate.

The term pineapple express is used to describe the event when the moisture comes from the tropics.

As of Tuesday morning, there is no definite details on the storm’s center as well as the amount of rain it can pour over the region.

“[The atmospheric river] could hit anywhere from Northern California to Central California,” Jeff Lorber, weather service meteorologist, said.

The National Weather Service forecast rainfall totals range across the week for North Bay (5 to 8 inches), Santa Cruz Mountains (3 to 5 inches), and central San Francisco Bay Area (1 to 3 inches).

“These could shift depending on the focus of the atmospheric river event,” Lorber noted.

The rains can possibly suppress the wildfire season, especially in the northern part – great news for the drought-stricken state.

The first two storms do not threaten huge concerns like flooding, forecasters said, while the anticipated damage of the third one cannot be estimated yet. The weekend storm will be monitored by meteorologists. Alerts will be released accordingly.

According to the forecast, the first storm can hit the North Bay on Tuesday evening, and it will spread to the greater Bay Area, SFGATE reported.

“The steady rain won’t set in until nightfall, beginning in the North Bay at 7 or 8 o’clock,” said Lorber. “Then it’ll be moving down toward San Francisco, probably around midnight. Midnight to 2 a.m. is when we’ll see steady rain on the San Francisco Peninsula and across the central Bay Area.”