Rape suspect arrested, identified at Nordstrom Rack

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A rape suspect has been arrested and identified after a standoff in a Pleasant Hill Nordstrom Rack. 

The suspect was identified as Joseph Alan Ramos, 26, of Concord. 

According to the police, they surrounded the Nordstrom Rack in Pleasant Hill for 13 hours before leaving at 7 a.m. Wednesday. 

Officers said they tried to negotiate all night but were unable to establish contact with the suspect. 

Nordstrom Rack closed the store to the public and the Pleasant Hill Police Department left one undercover detective at the scene just in case the suspect was still inside. 

Around 11:45 a.m., Ramos climbed down from the ceiling where he was hiding and exited through the store’s back door. He didn’t make it far and was caught by Nordstrom Rack loss prevention agents. 

The Pittsburgh Police Department will take over the investigation and assume custody of Ramos. 

Captain Scott Vermillon of the Pleasant Hill Police Department said that the suspect was believed to have gotten away by changing clothes, adding that a surveillance camera caught Ramos changing clothing. 

The suspect had been in a brief car chase and is wanted for rape. 

“Witnesses and information lead us to believe that he went up into the ceiling rafters of the business,” Vermillon added.