Record-shattering COVID-19 cases logged in Bay Area counties

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Daily and weekly COVID-19 cases in Bay Area counties are breaking records, ABC7 reported.

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney said: “It seems very likely that we are going to have our highest 7-day average for positive cases in San Francisco since the start of the pandemic.”

Haney’s prediction does not come as a shock, the San Francisco Department of Public Health said, as local trends are also similar to the global figures.

The numbers are worsened by the spread of the highly infectious omicron variant, as winter and holiday seasons are also here.

A total of 794 new virus cases were logged on a single day by the DPH last week. It said that the figure is still subject to validity.

“794 cases if that’s what they finalize, is hundreds of cases more in a single day than any other prior day since the start of the pandemic. I think there’s reasons to be very concerned about that,” Supervisor Haney said.

The same trend is happening in Marin County, its Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis said.

“We had three consecutive days of record numbers of cases in fact Christmas day we had the highest number of cases ever,” he said.

Now, the public health officer sounds worried about the troubles that could emerge.

“You know if every individual who’s infected isolates for 10 days and the case numbers continue to accelerate ,we will start seeing more and more people who are in essential roles not being able to come to work and that will start affecting infrastructure and staffing levels across all sectors, especially concerning would be you know health care, law enforcement where we really need people on the front lines,” he said.

Vaccines, boosters, virus testing, and wearing masks properly, or even double-masking, are among the defenses against the omicron variant as mobility of people increases amid holiday travels.

Gathering limitations can also help stop the virus spread.

“What I think we’re all coming to terms with now and it is scary is that this isn’t going away,” Supervisor Haney said.

As of writing, San Francisco and Marin are not yet planning for additional virus curbs.