Republicans Oppress Georgia’s Secretary to Reject Legal Votes

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On Monday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told the news media that fellow Republicans pressured him to exclude legal ballots from this year’s elections. According to Raffensperger, South Carolina’s Senator Lindsey Graham also recently urged him to question the votes’ validity in an attempt to prove alleged claims of voter fraud resulting in former President Donald Trump’s narrow defeat for the state’s presidency role.

During an interview surrounding the passed elections, Reffensperger expressed his annoyance towards Trump’s and his affiliates’ false accusations concerning Georgia’s voting results’ transparency.  One of these claims directed at him includes attacking Georgia’s Colorado-based manufacturer of voting machines Dominion Voting System, accusing the corporation of being a “leftist” tampered with Trump’s votes and reduced them from the official ballot counts.

Moreover, Raffensperger revealed that he and his wife Tricia received death threats in light of recent days surrounding the claims’ complexity. He even remembered one instance where he received a text message from an unknown number, threatening him not to fumble the vote counts or else his life would pay the price. Raffensperger responded to the threats, reminding everyone to be careful of their words and look out for other people instead of getting angry at the polling results. As Georgia currently experiences an exhausting hand recount of over 5 million votes, Raffensperger could feel more pressure on him by fellow Republicans. According to the initial ballot count, President-elect Joe Biden won the presidential position with a lead of 14,000 votes coming from Georgia alone.

After a series of stressful and pressure events, the usually calm Raffensperger finally snapped at Representative Douglas Collins R-GA, the man directing Trump’s attempts in questioning Georgia’s voting results in the elections. Collins suspected him of mishandling the vote tallies and even accused him of siding with the Democrats concerning the voter fraud allegations. Raffensperger got irked by Collins to the point of even calling him a “charlatan” and a “liar.”

Raffensperger assured the public and the media that every voter fraud accusation would face thorough investigations. However, as of the present, there was no valid evidence proving the existence of voter fraud during this year’s elections, not affecting the election’s results in the process.

On his Monday conference, Raffensperger would “affirm” the preliminary count of the voting outcomes. Additionally, he addressed that the laborious hand-counted audit that began last week would also prove the Dominion machines’ accuracy of counting votes. According to some counties, they reported that their hand-counted votes matched that of the machine’s previous tallies from the initial polling results. 

Floyd County discovered that about 2,600 votes did not make it to the initial count due to the failure of uploading them through a flash drive. Despite the state secretary’s claims of the later discovery of the uncounted votes, it demanded the county election director’s resignation from his seat.

Moreover, Raffensperger clarified that he takes numbers very seriously as an engineer, making hard data a top priority. He also stated that he couldn’t bear the thought of a failed candidate like Collins running around and spreading lies about him and the state council, eventually calling him a liar in the end.

The Georgia Secretary notified the consequences of Republicans attacking the validity and reliability of the Dominion machines. According to him, these accusations way severely affect U.S. Senators David Perdue and Loeffler’s candidacy faceoffs on January 5 next year. The upcoming clash between the two senators would require the use of the same Dominion machines to count the voting results.

Several Trump supporters posted a poll on social media this weekend surrounding the comfort of relying on the Dominion machines to count votes for the two runoff elections. Raffensperger refuted the survey, stating that doubting the election process would stir additional anxiety in everyone.