Reservation app behind scam targeting small businesses sued

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One woman appeared at a Bay Area salon’s location at Los Altos claiming that she came by appointment, but the business has no idea about it, as it told ABC7 recently.

The customer said she made the appointment through a certain “ClassPass Concierge” which lets clients book a schedule at a local business for beauty services.

But the salon owners had not heard of the “ClassPass Concierge” and did not know how their business name made it into the platform. What’s worse is that they saw their profile on the platform with many appointments ready for bookings even if in reality, they are not available.

“They took some lingo from our website and then took photos from our website and then uploaded some stock images that we didn’t even do the hair for, so it was kind of alarming,” Pursuit Salon’s Whitney Ratigan said.

The said salon is not the only one that fell victim to the booking. ClassPass has faced a class action lawsuit lately because of similar concerns. Allegations were slammed against the New York company, which was obtained by MindBody recently, over its misuse of business names on their own advantage.

“They’re stepping essentially into my business,” Leeah Nail Salon in Montclair’s owner Bria Jackson, who serves as the plaintiff in the case, told AC7.

He shared that a client came to his business in September, claiming that she paid advance in ClassPass for her service. But Jackson had no idea about the booking and said they had no connection with the company.

“I knew right out of the gate I was not partnered with them. We had never even heard of them prior to that,” Jackson said. “After that, I found that they were using our name our likeness and even offering our services on their website as part of their packages.”

Leeah Nail Salon has tried reaching out to the client to address the scenario but found out that it was the ClassPass number they were contacting. Jackson said: “They’re actually controlling the data and information of the clients who do come into our business.”