Retired Oakland police captain’s robbers arrested

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Authorities on Monday said three suspects who robbed and shot a retired police captain from Oakland were arrested.

Two of the three suspects, identified as Kemandre King, Marlon King and Joshue Hayles, were arrested in Elk Grove in Sacramento County while the other was brought under Houston, Texas’ custody, according to the police, ABC7 reported.

On Oct. 21, ex-police Capt. Ersie Joyner sustained critical gunshot wounds from his attackers who attempted to rob him at a Chevron gas station.

Many assailants were seen in a security video getting out of a vehicle that halted at a gas pump and targeted the former police who were gassing up that time.

One of the suspects seemed to get Joyner’s phone as others looked through his pockets and grabbed a chain from his neck. But when the men opened the car, the ex-police got his pistol and started firing.

20-year-old Desoni Gardner lost his life from the shooting while others managed to shoot Joyner before escaping.

Authorities said Joyner is currently recovering after going through surgery from the hospital.

Police said that violent crime has spiked in Oakland this year, with over 100 killings and shootings of around the same number.

On Monday, authorities said their patrol car was also shot during a robbery report response.

Police said many shots were released. The patrol car got at least three shots but all officers were safe. No arrests connected to the crime were made.

Meanwhile, murder charges of Gardner were filed against the three, as well as second-degree robbery of Joyner.

A count of assaults with semiautomatic firearm were filed each for Marlon King and Kemandre King while Marlon King also faces attempted murder of Joyner.