Retired police captain injured in Oakland shootout discharged from hospital

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Police on Wednesday said the retired Oakland police captain who sustained a gunshot wound in a fatal shooting last month has been discharged from the hospital. His recovery is ongoing.

A deadly shootout on Oct. 21 left the retired Ersie Joyner in a serious medical condition. He was pumping gas at a gas station downtown when three suspects approached and attempted to rob him. Joyner shot one of the assailants dead, but he also sustained a gunshot wound from the incident that landed him at Highland Hospital for surgery.

Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong told The Chronicle on Wednesday that the retired police chief has been released from the hospital.

“He is doing better,” according to Armstrong. “He is recovering fairly well.”

Meanwhile, two of the suspects in the shootout have not been identified yet. Armstrong asked the public’s help to catch the assailants.

“We are still seeking tips,” he said. “We need the community’s help.”

Oakland police Captain Ersie Joyner at the Oakland Police Traffic Division Station in Oakland, Calif., May 23, 2019

Joyner has fatally shot one of the suspects identified as Desoni Djuan Lamar Gardner, 20, from Vallejo.

The Oct. 21 incident happened at a Chevron station at around 1 in the afternoon. The three suspects were seen leaving a black sedan near the gas pumps, as shown in a surveillance video. They approached the retired police captain who was pumping gas in a white Porsche, for a robbery attempt.

Joyner brought out a firearm and started shooting at the suspects. Gardner collapsed to the ground after the shooting, while another went back into their car. Joyner, meanwhile, went to the other side of the gas pump but also fell to the ground due to an apparent injury from the shootout.

The retired police captain was “lawfully permitted to carry a gun,” as earlier cleared by Armstrong.

An individual can claim self-defense if they justifiably believe that death or danger is present, a California law states.

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