Richmond Man Arrested on Suspicions of Murdering His Older Brother

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Authorities announced on Monday that they have arrested a Richmond man and placed him in county jail as the suspect in a series of crimes, including homicide, after the death of his older brother.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s spokesman released a statement saying Bay Station deputies responded to calls at around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. They later arrived on Lettia Road, where the woman who placed the report said her son was not responding and was visibly hurt.

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First responders to the scene administered first-aid to try and save the life of the victim identified as 42-year-old Edward Mosqueda. Other deputies then searched through his mother’s home as her son was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mosqueda’s young brother, 39-year-old Jason Mosqueda, was later noted as a suspect for his brother’s death. Authorities claim he murdered the victim and suspected him of protective-order violation. Jason also had several warrants for domestic violence, elder abuse, and stalking. Sheriff officials noted he was given a bail of $1 million.

A sheriff’s spokesman said that Mosqueda’s murder was the first recorded homicide under investigation by the department this year, East Bay Times reported.

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